Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Surrealism - n. 1: The youthful expression of dreamlike spontaneity which daily life conspires to repress. 2: A state of mind embracing unconscious, poetic juxtaposition which is eroded by responsibility. 3:You pursue the terrible beauties of fear and hope, your friends cannot help you...

There is a nineties puzzle computer game called Myst. The moment I started it I fell into this strange and beautiful world of floating mountains, haunting cathedrals, and foggy jungles...

Myst was probably one of the biggest influences on who I am today. It developed into a pretty good series, actually; and it's available as an iPod app if you fancy that sort of thing.

Anyways; I have an obsessive fascination for just about anything I don't understand; and as the point of surrealism is to never be understood in a realistic sense, I am drawn to it like a magnet. Because of this attraction to the odd, my friends now seem to have a fear of my iPod. Ever since they went through my pictures, they look away every time I unlock the screen (though this may also be due in part to my sadistic nature). Here are a few examples of the ones that aren't sadistic...

Most of these pictures are classified as Neo-Surrealism; Surrealism made with Photoshop or drawn to look realistic. I like this kind because I feel like I'm actually watching the universe fall apart (which is a secret desire of mine.)

I sincerely apologize for the lack of organization of this... document. I go brain dead every time I sit down to write. (I need to stop using that homemade absinth in my drinks.)

I think I'd be much better at, and much more qualified to talk about events in my life than to write about these topics.

Cordially yours,

So next up shall be a story...

Also, a poll. Can you guess my age? (Neither Pandamonium nor Saruh is allowed to guess...)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Long Overdue...

I am so sorry that I've been away so long. I don't really have any excuses...

Well, I guess I could mention that I took a trip to the moon to harvest cheese, been busy Wendigo hunting,
or give you some absurd story about studying for finals; but let's face it, the reason I've been neglecting you all is because I'm lazy. Besides, we all know that studying is for stupid people who actually need to academically apply themselves. *chortle, chortle, chokes on bubble pipe...*

It seems that while I was gone I sprouted yet another follower! Hoorah! It is a pleasure to have you reading my cyber-scribblings Saruh. Perhaps in the future I might throw my two pence into your and J's philosophical debates.
I promise; soon I will post some actual content.

And now a short poll...
What topic sounds best?
1. Women (my views on relationships, my problems involving such, etc...)
2. Steampunk (what it is, maybe some links...)
3. Surrealism (ditto)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just a song...

A song about those scratchy native-american blankets that smell like comfort and sawdust...

The Magic of Scratchy Blankets by Drew Terry

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh Goody!

Know that a good amount of time has elapsed from writing the title and writing the post due to my brother starting up "Soul Calibur II"...

First of all, it seems I've sprouted a follower. Hooray! I assume you found me (please correct me if I'm wrong) through my good friend Pandaemonium. Well, I'm ecstatic!

I love the fall; the changing of the leaves, the briskness in the wind, and ,of course, the drop in temperature and the chance to start using the fireplace again.

Yesterday was Halloween. To celebrate, Steve (my invisible friend) and I went Wendigo hunting!

For those of you who don't know what a Wendigo is; it's that thing that attacked me in the parking lot after school that one day. (see I am a Professional Crastinator)

Apparently the Wendigo is a part of Native American lore described as a malevolent cannibalistic spirit which humans can transform into or be possessed by. I'm not sure that this thing that attacked me was actually a Wendigo, as I'm getting all of my information from Wikipedia. Also, Google image search doesn't quite match what I saw (Those Wendigos are MUCH creepier than what I saw.)

For the time being, I'm going to refer to these strange beasts that attacked me as Wendigos.

The hunting trip was a complete failure. Steve and I didn't run across anything except a pair of shifty looking stoners; whick is a shame because I had a really cool gun. I developed a blaster that fires waves of sub-bass into the targets at such an amplitude that it liquifies some organs. (it's still in developement, so it cant effect anything at a molecular level yet...)

I briefly considered testing the blaster on the tripping chaps but quickly decided not to ruin their Halloween.

On a side note, I'm working on a new song!

Euphoria (WIP) by Drew Terry


Inevitable by Drew Terry

Thursday, October 13, 2011

And a Maestro as well!

I am fascinated by a great many things; philosophy, religion, the natural world, art, people, minds, math, and other things. Above all of these, though, is music!

The science of sound entrances me much like a piece of string entrances a cat. I will continue to play with it until it is taken away unless food (or a lovely lady cat *wink*) is brought into the room. Someday I aspire to become an audio technician or DJ. If I ever get a job that allows me to work with sound, I will be a happy man.

Presently, I compose electronic works on my home computer using Fruity Loops Studio. I dabble in many sub-genres of electronic music, but tend to favor dance music and chillout.

Here are a few of my experiments...
Consequence by Drew Terry
Macabre Beat Project One by Drew Terry
Back into Balance... by Drew Terry